The Best Men’s Electric Shaver For Women’s Legs: Top 7 Picks

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Ladies, who else here uses a men’s electric shaver for your legs? Well, I am, but I’m so happy I made the attempt. No other shaver can deliver that smooth finish that I’ve always wanted.

Many of today’s men electric shavers are built with great features that deliver a closer shave. Some models are even designed to cater for sensitive skin. If you want to find the best men’s electric shaver for women’s legs, check out our recommendations below.

Top 7 Best Men’s Electric Shaver For Women’s Legs Reviews

There are a lot of men's electric shavers on the market today and most of them promise to give a closer shave. If you like a faster and more efficient way of removing hair from your legs, it’s time to pick any of these. Here’s a comparison table and detailed review below.


Men's Electric Shaver

1. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, ES-LV65

Type : Foil

Operation time : 45 minutes

Operation Time : 120 minutes

Operation Time : 42 minutes

Operation Time : 50 minutes

Operation Time : 50 minutes

Operation Time : 60 minutes

Operation Time : 75 minutes

The Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV85 electric razor is our top pick for its speed and power. This wet/dry razor impresses with its five high-precision blades, powerful motor, flexible pivoting razor head, and a shaving sensor. Thanks to its hypoallergenic foils, the ES-LV85 is perfect even for those with sensitive skin.

Here’s a complete list of its features:

  • The ES-LV85 supports both wet and dry operation. It’s waterproof so you can use it to shave your legs in the shower with shaving foam or gel. For cleanup, simply wash it under running water.
  • A 14,000 CMP Linear Motor powers the blades to run even to the thickest hair with ease. It promises to deliver 14,000 cuts every minute or 14,000 cross-cutting motions every minute.
  • This electric shaver is built with five ultra-sharp blades that are sharpened to a 30-degree edge. Five ARC foils immediately grab, hold, and cut various forms of hair for that exceptional close shave that you always wanted.
  • It comes with an Active Shave Sensor Technology to adjust the power flow according to the density of your leg hair. When it runs into thick hair, the power flow accelerates and softens when the hair is thin.
  • The Multi-Flex Pivoting Head bends sideways and to-and-fro to follow the unique contours of your legs. The movement is really smooth and works great during use.
  • This model has an average battery life of 45 minutes, which offers nine 5-minute shaves. Recharging the battery usually lasts for about an hour, but you can use the shaver while it’s charging. You can check the battery life percentage in the LED display.
  • The ARC 5 ES-LV85 comes with a universal voltage, travel purse, and a travel safety lock for great travel convenience. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The only downside of this product is the lack of charging and cleaning station. This isn’t a deal breaker because the cleanup and charging of this product are quite easy. Simply rinse the shaving head under running water and plug the unit to any outlet for charging.


  • Offers a close shave
  • Supports a 2-year warranty
  • Fast and powerful
  • Excellent features
  • Good build quality


  • No charging station

The Best Electric Shaver For Long Cordless Runtime

If you want a shaver that lasts more than an hour in cordless power, then the SweetLF Electric Shaver might be your best bet. This electric shaver can run cordless for two hours and it recharges for about an hour. Every shave gives sufficient power to remove the coarse hair in your legs.

Here are other features of SweetLF Electric Shaver:

  • The SweetLF electric shaver is IPX7 waterproof meaning it can endure immersion in the water below 1 meter for half an hour. The shaver won’t get damaged even if you use it in the shower or with shaving foam.
  • This electric shaver comes with a micro USB power port and a micro USB power cable for quick charging. You can charge the unit for about two minutes and enjoy a 4-minute shave.
  • The LED display presents a 5-level battery indicator to help you know how much battery is left in your shaver. The five battery indicators are 100, 80, 60, 40, and 20.
  • This affordable shaver has a high-speed motor that could compete with the most expensive brands. The noise is less than 65db which is much quieter than foil shavers.
  • This shaver is designed with self-sharpening blades and automatic grinding technology to protect your skin from cuts. It won’t pull your hair even if it’s long.
    This product offers a 15-month guarantee. If you meet any issues with the electric shaver, you can contact SweetLF immediately.

However, the SweetLF electric shaver isn’t deal for those with sensitive skin because it may cause irritation. To avoid irritation, shave in a circular motion.


  • Long battery life
  • Reasonable price
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Quiet operation


  • May cause irritation

The Best Mid-Range Electric Shaver

Being a predecessor of the modern ARC5, the ARC4 gives enough punch to give you that close shave that foil shavers usually promise. The ARC4 ES8243A provides almost the same features of ARC5 except for the number of blades, motor speed, and Active Shave Sensor. It’s a good choice if you don’t like the charging stations that high-end Panasonic shavers offer.

Here are the features that make the ARC4 one of our favorites:

  • ARC 4 is designed with four Nanotech blades. They’re slightly arched to get good contact with your skin and give you a close shave. The angle is 30 degrees, offering optimum cutting performance.
  • It’s powered by a 13,000 CPM motor. It’s enough powerful to cut through the thickest hair in your legs.
  • The head pivots to get into all contours of your legs. It moves sideways, and up-and-down to cover all areas of your legs.
  • This model can be used wet or dry. It’s 100% waterproof so you can bring this shaver in the shower and use your favorite shaving gel. You can also use it anywhere for a quick touch-up.
  • The ARC4 ES8243A offers a quick 5-minute charge for quick use. When fully charged, the shaver runs for about 42 minutes.
  • Multi-LCD display will show a scale of 1-10 on how much battery remains. It also reminds you when to clean the unit and replace the blade.


  • Reasonable price
  • Gives a very close shave
  • Flexible head
  • Excellent blade design


  • Wish the battery life is longer

The Best Electric Shaver For High Performance 

If money isn’t an issue, then the Braun Series 5 5195cc is a good investment. This shaver features a shaving efficiency of 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, which is the highest in this list. It’s made to last up to seven years so the money you’ll spend on this unit is all worth it.

Here are the impressive features of Braun Series 5 5195cc that makes it cut above the rest:

  • The 5195cc includes an automatic clean and charge station to clean and lubricate the unit after each use. It uses alcohol to remove 99.9% of bacteria. This station also works as a charger when you put the unit in the base.
  • This shaver charges for about an hour and works for about 50 minutes. You can check the battery life in thee 3-level battery display.
  • AutoSensing motor tries to adjust the power according to the density of your hair. It goes hard on thick hair and soft on thin hair.
  • The shaving foils have 899 apertures that get close to your skin and protect it for long-term smoothness.
  • A flexible shaving head moves in eight directions to make good contact on the skin. It reaches the different contours of your legs, even on in hard areas. It effortlessly moves along larger areas for optimum skin contact.
  • This model is suitable for wet and dry uses. It’s 100% waterproof so you can use it with shaving cream in the shower.

Like all other high-end models in this list, the downside is the price. It costs more than $150 but if you want a good and fast shave with a charging station, then this product suits you best.


  • Good clean and charge station
  • Offers a close shave
  • Feels solid and durable
  • Very powerful motor


  • A bit pricey

The Best Shaver For Less Skin Irritation

If you have very sensitive skin, the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 6800 might be the best one for you. It features ComfortGlide rings and Skin Guard Mode to protect your legs from redness and irritation. It promises to give a clean shave while minimizing skin irritation.

Here are the features that make Philips Norelco Shaver 6800 a great shaver for you to consider:

  • ComfortGlide Rings surround the shaving heads with a special protective coating. This allows the shaving heads to smoothly glide into your legs without causing any redness and irritation.
  • The skin guard mode tones down the rotational speed to give you a more gentle shave.
  • This shaver is powered by a lithium-ion battery. It gives an about 50 minutes of battery life after an hour charge. If you’re on a pinch, you can charge the unit for 5-minutes to give enough power for a single shave.
  • MultiFlex Heads adapts to the curve and contours of your legs. It moves in eight directions and even reaches the difficult areas.
  • It offers both wet and dry operations. Get an easy dry shave or a more relaxed wet shave in the shower with your favorite shaving gel.
  • This shaver has 72 blades that not only sharpens but protects the skin from irritation. The blades gently grab the hair leaving your legs smooth for a long time.

Just be careful when washing the shaving head. Since the razor head isn’t hinged, it can fly loosely when drying it out.


  • Gentle to the skin
  • Impressive blade design
  • Good battery life
  • Flexible shaving head


  • The razor head isn’t hinged

Suitable For Full Body Hair Removal

If you’re always on the go, the Remington F5-5800 is a great travel companion. It offers 60 minutes of cordless power alone. Another thing that makes this shaver convenient is its 5-minute quick charge which allows you to get that one needed shave and it’s very compact so it fits nicely in your bag.

Here are the other features that make Remington F5-5800 amazing:

  • The Remington F5-5800 offers a 2-year limited warranty. If you have any problem with the unit after purchase, you can contact the manufacturer directly for immediate service.
  • This shaver charges for about two hours and gives a total runtime of 60 minutes. The lights will blink when you charge this unit. It’s fully charged when the light illuminates for 5 minutes. Determine the charge level in the LED Battery Gauge.
  • It offers a 3-stage cutting system to deliver a close shave to your legs. An Intercept Shaving Technology sits between the foils to trim the longer hairs in advance.
  • The shaver head is designed with a pivot and flex foil technology to adapt to the contours of your legs.

The downside of this product is its charging time because it’s longer than other products on this list. While most shavers here charge for only an hour, the Remington charges for about two hours. But this doesn’t really matter because it offers a 5-minute quick charge for a fast fix-up.


  • Good price
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Long battery life
  • Provides a close shave


  • Long charging time

The Best Electric Shaver For The Budget 

The Max-T shaver is more affordable than the Remington F5-5800 but it has all the basic features that you need on a good electric shaver for your legs. This shaver can be used wet/dry, supports a USB charge, and LED power supply display.

Here are the complete details of its features:

  • The RMS6101 is designed with a high-speed motor and three floating heads built with U-type blades. The shaving head moves in four directions following the shape of your legs.
  • This shaver is IPX7 waterproof which means that you can use this unit in the shower aside from dry areas. You can also clean the shaving head directly with water.
  • The manufacturer offers a 15-month warranty. If you encounter any issues about the product, feel free to contact the manufacturer immediately.
  • This shaver charges for about an hour and lasts for about 75 minutes.
  • The package includes a shaver, USB charger, bag, cleaning brush, and a user manual.

As for the downsides, this shaver won’t operate while charging. You need to wait for a full hour to start shaving. Also, the rotary blades might cause irritation to those with sensitive skin.


  • Very affordable
  • Good battery life
  • 15-month warranty
  • Quiet motor


  • Can’t be used while charging
  • Not ideal for sensitive skin

Best Men’s Electric Shaver For Women’s Legs Buying Guide

Choosing the best men's electric shaver for your woman's legs is surely challenging if you don’t know what to look for. Here’s a simple guide to help you find the best men’s electric shaver, but first, let’s get to know its two basic types:

2 Types Of Electric Shaver

1. Foil Shaver

As implied on its name, a foil shaver has foils or thin metal sheets that cover the blades. The foils have small holes to let the hair enter the shaver. Behind them are oscillating blades or cutters that move back and forth.

One of the advantages of a foil shaver is its speed. This type of shaver quickly moves from one to another so you need less time to pass over a similar area. A foil shaver is also gentler on the skin and can give you a very close shave.

However, foil shavers tend to have noisy motors which can be a bit annoying for some people. The pivoting of this shaver is also kind of limited because it only moves slightly back and forth.

2. Rotary Shaver

The rotary shaver usually has three round shaving heads. The hair enters to the shaver through the lines. This type of shaver moves in circular motions and cuts as close to the skin.

This shaver works perfectly with thick hair that grows quickly. It also works best on hair that grows in different directions.

Unlike the foil shavers, the rotary shaver has a quieter motor. However, it doesn’t give you a close shave that a foil shaver can do. It’s also not meant for sensitive skin because it may cause some serious irritation to some people.

What To Look For

  • Wet/Dry Operation : For maximum comfort, you want an electric shaver that offers both wet and dry options. The wet option allows you to use the shaver in the shower with your favorite shaving cream. The dry option lets you use the shaver outside the shower and anywhere else.
  • Battery Life The best men's electric shaver for women's legs should have long battery life. It should run for more than 30 minutes and charges quickly.
  • Flexible Head: To have good contact with the skin, look for a shaver with a flexible head. This feature will allow you to move the shaver according to the shape of the legs and reach the difficult areas.
  • Extra Features: For more efficiency and convenience, look for a unit with extra features. An LED display that shows the battery life is important if you want to keep the battery life in check. An active sensor is also good to adjust the shaver’s power according to the hair density
  • Warranty : A good warranty offers coverage to any issues or defects on the product. For your peace of mind, look for a long warranty that’s at least one year.

The Final Takeaway

Using a men’s electric shaver for your legs is surely one of the best ways to achieve a clean, close shave in less than five minutes. Out from the seven products that we reviewed above, the best men's electric shaver for women's legs is the Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV85. This product offers the best performance at a reasonable price.

The Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV85 impresses with its Active Shave Sensor Technology, five precision blades, and multi-flex pivoting head. Compared to other shavers in the list, the ES-LV85 provides a closer shave with less irritation. It also offers a fast shave and removes even the shortest hair on your legs.

If you want something else other than the Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV85, just follow our buyer’s guide and you’ll surely find the right shaver for your needs. 

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