Top 7 Best Epilators For Face: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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Facial hair is one of women’s greatest struggle when it comes to flawless beauty. Nothing is more bothersome than having visible hair on your upper lip and chin. Fortunately, shaving isn’t your only solution because a good epilator can deliver better results.

Finding the best epilator for face is such a struggle with all the many brands available on the market today. Lucky for you we have made the selection easier. We present the seven best facial epilators and a guide below.

Comparison Table For The Best Epilator For Face

Top 7 Best Epilator For Face Reviews

If you want a more efficient epilator for your face, the Philips Satinelle Advanced might be your best choice. This epilator is suitable not only for the face but also the legs, bikini area, and underarms. It’s built with an extra wide epilation head, two-speed settings, and micro-ridged tweezing disks for more efficiency in epilation.

Here are more details about the Philips Satinelle Advanced’s features:

  • Just like the FaceSpa Pro 911, the Satinelle Advanced removes unwanted hair up to four times shorter compared to waxing. To be precise, it removes hair as short as 0.5mm.
  • There are 32 tweezing discs to quickly remove hair on your face. The disks are made of rough ceramic material to capture the hair firmly. Unique light ensures that you missed no hair.
  • Extra wide epilation head measures around 30mm to provide more coverage on every stroke. The head removes hair without tugging sensitive skin.
  • This unit offers two speed settings: fast and slow. Opt for the slower speed to work on the face and other delicate areas.
  • The S-shaped handle is ergonomically designed to give a secure and comfortable grip even when your hands are wet. It offers easy maneuverability on all parts of the body.
  • It offers both wet and dry operations. This means you can use this epilator in the shower.
  • The epilator comes with precision cap attachments to target the face and other smaller areas. For the face, use the facial cap attachment. Other accessories include trimming comb, delicate area cap, massage cap, cleaning brush, and a travel pouch.


  • Doesn’t pull the skin
  • 5-minute quick charge
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Offers a great assortment of accessories
  • Built-in light


  • Can’t grab extremely fine hair

The Best Epilator For Versatility

Get spa treatment in your home with this 5-in-1 device from InflantLY Bright. This unit offers five attachment heads for epilation, facial cleaning, massage, shaving, and callus removal. It can remove hair from all parts of your body including face, legs, and bikini area.

Here are the features that make this device a great value for your money:

  • Swap attachment heads depending on your needs. From shaving to epilation, this product offers them all in one unit. Use the epilation head with a precision cap to remove hair from your face and other sensitive areas.
  • This unit has easy controls. Select from two speeds according to your hair type. If you’re working on coarse hair, choose a higher speed and a lower speed for fine hair. The LED light makes its operation even more convenient.
  • The ergonomic handle allows you to hold the device very firmly even with wet hands.
  • This unit works with rechargeable batteries. Charge the unit for about two hours and get 90 minutes of nonstop operation.
  • It works both wet and dry so you can use this device in the shower.

However, it requires two hours to get a full charge. That’s a long time if you’re in a hurry. But if you want to save space in your vanity table, get this versatile product.


  • Wet and dry operation
  • Long battery life
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Offers multiple attachment heads
  • Built-in light for more convenience


  • Long charging time

The Best Facial Epilator For All Skin Types

Another gentle epilator that you can try at home is from Angelland. This epilator removes unwanted hair on the face, bikini areas, legs, and other parts of the body. It’s small and compact so you can bring this along in your bag anywhere.

Here are the features that make Angelland one of our favorite epilators:

  • The handle features an anti-slip design to give a secure grip even when your hand is wet. It’s also ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.
  • The epilator head is washable meaning that you can clean it under running water for proper sanitation. To remove any loose hair that might get trapped in the tweezers, use the cleaning brush.
  • Built-in LED light helps you spot any stray hair in your face.
  • This epilator works cordless when fully recharged after 8 hours. The average run time is 40-80 minutes.
  • The epilator comes with a European plug and a US adapter. It includes a 220 to 110 voltage converter to make it usable both in the US and Europe. 

As for the downside, the charging time seems to be very long. Eight hours is such a hassle if you’re in a pinch. To save time, you can recharge the unit while sleeping.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Good for all skin types, even sensitive skin
  • Built-in LED light


  • Very long charging time

The Best Facial Epilator For Precision

Do you want precision in removing the shortest hair as possible? It’s now possible with the Emjoi Tweeze which can remove the shortest hair up to 0.3mm. It’s designed to remove even the finest hair with meticulous precision.

Here are the features that make Emjoi eRase e6 a good product to consider:

  • Six tweezers pull out unwanted facial hair from the root with great precision. They open and close 180 times per second. At 14mm disc opening, the device removes hair at the optimum radius.
  • eRase Glide Technology allows the device to move smoothly in your skin. No pulling action on the skin! It removes unwanted hair with less irritation and stubble.
  • Patented 3 disc system gives extra comfort in removing facial hair. Every disc set has one stationary disc and two that move to carefully aid in making the skin taut for epilation.
  • This facial epilator is ideal for sensitive skin. A safety feature halts the device if it presses too hard on the skin.
  • This unit is battery-operated. It needs two AAA batteries to work

However, you can’t bring this epilator in the shower because it’s not waterproof. You also need to replace the batteries when they no longer work. But if you want maximum skin comfort, the Emjoi eRase e6 might be a great choice.


  • Gently glides on the skin
  • Safety feature
  • Removes hair from the root


  • Not waterproof
  • Needs to replace the batteries

The Best Bundle For Good Skin 

The Pro 911 is a 3-in-1 device that epilates, cleanses, and tones the skin which is perfect for those who want good skin. The epilator removes unwanted hair in the chin, forehead, upper lip, and eyebrows. It includes three accessories: pouch, stand, and a bronze cap.

Here are the features of the FaceSpa Pro 911 that makes this our optimum choice for removing facial hair:

  • The epilator quickly removes facial hair by the root up to 4x shorter than wax. Its super slim head comes with 10 micro-openings to capture even the finest hairs down to 0.55mm long and 0.02mm wide.
  • The epilator makes 200 movements per second making it faster than manual tweezing.
  • It comes with a smart head detection feature to ensure the best performance of every attachment head.
  • It’s powered by a rechargeable battery to make sure that it’s always ready for use. It can hold its charge for about 60 minutes.

The FaceSpa Pro 911 also includes two attachments:

  • The cleansing brush aims to make your skin clear and nourished. Put your favorite face wash on the brush and apply in a circular motion. Use the brush for 20 seconds per zone.
  • The microVibration toning head helps to improve the appearance of your skin. Its gentle vibrations allow the better absorption of skin care products, like serums and moisturizers, into your face.


  • Removes even the finest hair
  • Gentle to sensitive skin
  • Comes with good attachments
  • Runs relatively quiet
  • Good battery life


  • A bit expensive
  • Only for dry use

The Best Facial Epilator For The Budget

For those with a tight budget, you can try the Remington EP1050CDN Facial Epilator which is less than $15. This facial epilator has a compact design which offers more precision in the hair removal process. It’s slim design glides nicely on your upper lip without touching the nose.

Here are other features which make the EP1050CDN a good purchase:

  • Six automatic tweezers rotate quickly and gently pulls out unwanted facial hair from the root. Use in a circular motion for optimum epilation results.
  • It includes a protective cap to protect the epilator head from any elements while in storage.
  • It also comes with a cleaning brush which removes any hair that might get trapped between the tweezers.
  • This epilator needs one AA battery to work. It’s cordless so you can use it with convenience.

While this epilator looks beautiful in pink and a bit sturdy, there are some plastic parts that seem to be flimsy. This comes with its own AA battery but you can use rechargeable batteries to save the hassle of buying replacement batteries.


  • Small and compact
  • Battery operated
  • Easy to use on the face
  • Very affordable


  • Flimsy plastic parts
  • Not for wet use

​The Best Epilator For Travel

Do you want a small facial epilator for your travel needs? The Keda might be a good choice because it’s built like a pen which doesn’t take up much space in your bag. It comes with a travel pouch which makes it more convenient to carry all attachments.

Here are the features that make Keda a strong contender on this list:

  • Aside from the facial epilator, this electric beauty set comes with a face shaver, eyebrow trimmer, nose hair trimmer, face cleansing brush, massage brush, and nail polisher. Interchange these to suit your needs.
  • The epilator head aims to pull out all unwanted hair on your face. Alternatively, you can use the face shaver for a less painful method.
  • It includes a pink pouch to store all the attachment heads when you travel.
  • All-in-one button makes the operation very easy even for beginners.
  • This hair removal tool is suitable for both wet and dry operation. This means you can thoroughly wash the device on the water for a quick cleanup.
  • Global voltage makes this device more suitable for travel. To charge, simply plug it on any USB port, like in your laptop or desktop.

The only problem is that this device seems not too good in holding a long charge. It only lasts for about 30 minutes. But considering its great convenience of USB charging, it’s no big deal.


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of useful attachments
  • Comes at a good price
  • Waterproof hair removal tool


  • Short battery life

Buying Guide For The Best Facial Epilator

We know how hard it is to pick the best epilator for face without proper knowledge about the product. To help you in your shopping needs, here are some tips you can use but first, let’s get to know the benefits of epilators.

Why Use An Epilator For Your Face?

For starters, epilation is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair. The tweezers found in these epilators are very efficient in capturing even the finest hair on your chin and upper lip. Compared to shaving, the results of epilation on your face last longer up to 4 weeks.

Facial epilators are also faster than manual tweezing. Instead of pulling out facial hair one at a time, these epilators remove a lot of hair in each glide which can save you a lot of time.

Sure, epilation hurts a bit but only for the first time. Once you get used to the facial epilation process, the pain becomes unnoticeable. For maximum comfort, keep your skin taut when you glide the epilator over the skin and follow through with a soothing gel. After each epilation, your facial hair becomes finer and there’s nothing more desirable than that.

What To Look For

  • Size And Weight : The best epilator for face should be small enough to work in small areas, like the upper lip. It should be lightweight so you don’t leave too much burden on your wrists.
  • Wet And Dry Use If you want to use the epilator in the shower make sure that it’s suited for wet use. A wet/dry epilator allows you to use a gel or foam to reduce the pain of epilation. You can also easily clean the epilation head under running water to remove any debris that might get stuck in-between the tweezers.
  • Number Of Tweezers: The number of tweezers can determine the speed of the unit. The higher the number of tweezers, the faster it is. 
  • Ergonomic Handle: To make the epilator easy to handle, make sure that the handle is ergonomically designed. It should stay secure in your hand and won’t slip even when your hand is wet. S-shaped handles are usually comfortable to hold.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Epilator

After each use, clean the unit to extend its functionality for a longer period of time. Detach the epilation head from the handle and use a brush to take out any hair that might have left on the device. After that, put the device under running water to remove any remaining debris.

Once in a while, give your epilator a nice soak in a mixture of dishwashing liquid and tepid water for several minutes. This routine will fully remove any stubborn hair from the device.

Tips For Facial Epilation

  • Exfoliate your face to get rid all of the dead skin cells and prevent the development of ingrown hair.
  • Don’t apply lotion before epilation because it will only block the pores. Make sure your face is clean and dry before epilation.
  • If you’re prone to redness and irritation, apply a piece of ice on your face for a few minutes after epilation. The ice will reduce redness and swelling.
  • To epilate properly, hold the device at a 90-degree angle and hold your skin taut. Go against the growth of hair for optimum results. Don’t rush! Go slow to make sure that all hairs are pulled out from your face.


All of the epilators are great on their own but if we have to choose the best epilator for face, the Philips Satinelle Advanced win on a slight margin. The Satinelle Advanced has the best features that add to the efficiency of the product. These features include an extra wide epilation head, two-speed settings, and micro-ridged ceramic tweezing disks.

Compared to the other epilators on the list, the Philips Satinelle Advanced has the most number of tweezers, which is about 32 in total. It’s built with a Smart light to make sure that you don’t leave any hair behind. It’s rechargeable so you don’t have to buy replacement batteries frequently.

An epilator is surely a great solution to flawless skin! If you want to buy your own epilator, remember our buying guide above.

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