The Best Epilator For Bikini: Top 7 Picks And Guide

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Sure, getting a Brazilian wax from a salon gives you long lasting hair-free results down there but what if you don’t have the money? An epilator is a more affordable alternative to waxing as you only spend money once when you’re buying it. The best epilator for bikini doesn’t only remove unwanted hair without skin irritations but it can also provide the privacy you need.

Don’t get excited yet! There are many models of epilators available on the market today so it’ll be hard to find the best one. In this article, we’re going to make the selection easier for you as we compare and review the best epilators in town then share some buying tips.

Let’s get started.

Top 7 Reviews For The Best Epilator For Bikini

The following epilators are good in removing the unwanted hair from your bikini line. If you want something less irritating than shaving and less painful than waxing, consider any of these epilators. We list our favorite ones and give more detailed reviews below.



# Of Tweezers

Wet & Dry Operation



Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
(40 use minutes)


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
(40 minutes use time)


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
(30 minutes use time)


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
(30-40 minutes use time)


Rechargeable lithium ion battery
(30 minutes use time)





1. Braun Silk-epil 9-Epilator - Editor’s Choice

The Silk-epil 9 is Braun’s most efficient epilator. It tries to remove hair from your bikini in a single stroke, thanks to its 40% wider head and advanced features. It charges for one hour and works for about 40 minutes without the cord.

Here are the features that make Braun Silk-epil 9 our editor’s choice

  • The Silk-epil 9 features a MicroGrip Tweezer technology that removes even the shortest hair (0.5mm) that wax can’t grab. While the longer tweezers improve the plucking performance, the larger wings boost the hair feeding execution.
  • This epilator is waterproof up to 5 meters so you can use it in the bathtub and in the shower for convenience.
  • SensoSmart technology serves as a guide for easy removal of hair. Thanks to its pulsating active vibrations, this epilator glides smoothly into your skin and provide extra gentle epilation.
  • The pivoting head adapts to each contour of your body giving that efficient epilation you always need. It gets close to your skin to guarantee hair-free results that can last up to 28 days.
  • The gentle speed setting is ideal to beginners and for sensitive parts, like the bikini line.
  • Don’t want to miss a hair? The Smarlight will show even the finest hairs to give more accuracy and convenience.
  • The Silk-epil 9 includes 7 accessories: facial cap, skin contact cap, trimmer cap, shaver head, pouch, body trimmer, and face trimmer.

Truly, the Braun Silk-epil 9 is the new standard of excellence in epilation but this is expensive. But considering the benefits you’ll get from this epilator, the price is definitely worth it.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Can catch even the shortest hair
  • Gentle for the bikini area
  • Fast charging and long cordless use


  • A bit expensive

The Best Mid-Priced Epilator

The Satinelle Advanced BRE615 is the fastest epilator from Philips which gently grips the unwanted hair on your bikini line. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges for 1.5 hours and operates about 40 minutes inside/outside the shower. This includes other essential accessories such as a delicate area cap, facial cap, and a pouch for storage.

Here are other remarkable features of BRE615:

  • The epilation head is created from a textured ceramic material that gently removes even the shortest hair (0.5mm). With a faster disc rotation of 2200RPM, the BRE615 It’s one of the fastest hair removals out there. There are about 32 tweezers on the ceramic head.
  • The delicate area cap helps target sensitive areas, like your bikini area
  • There are 2 speed settings on the unit: high and low. If you want to work on your bikini area, choose the slower speed.
  • The BRE615 is designed with an extra-wide 30mm epilation head to cover more areas. This speeds up the hair removal process without irritating the sensitive skin in your bikini line.
  • The S-shaped handle is ergonomically designed to bring maximum control and allow more precise movements.
  • This epilator offers wet and dry operation. With its anti-slip grip design, you can use this unit in the shower for convenience.
  • The Smart light lets you see even the finest hair in the trickiest areas.

The BRE615 has a lower price than Braun Silk-epil 9, however, it may not remove all the hair in one pass. You need to use this epilator a couple of times in the same area. For better results, use it in the shower.


  • Has a nice grip
  • Comes with a good price
  • Good battery life
  • Extra convenient features


  • Can’t remove all hair in one stroke

The Best Bikini Epilator For Versatility

The Panasonic ES-ED90-P is a multifunctional hair removal device that comes with six precision attachments including a gentle epilator head to deal with sensitive areas, like your bikini line. It also includes a contoured bikini comb to offer comfort and convenience. Other attachments to complete the package are a shaver head, epilator gentle cap, dual-disc epilator head, and a pedicure buffer.

Here are other features that make ES-ED90-P a good worth for your money:

  • Built-in LED light gives a nice illumination to help you see the fine hairs more clearly and epilate more efficiently in hard-to-see areas.
  • Smooth-pivot system goes 30 degrees forward and backward to reach the trickiest areas of your bikini and minimizes the gap between the unit’s head and your skin.
  • There are a total of 48 tweezers in the dual-disc epilator head to remove unwanted hair fast and efficiently.
  • The gentle cap makes epilation comfortable and less painful.
  • This epilator offers two-speed modes. If you’re a beginner or you have sensitive skin, use the soft mode to reduce the speed and minimize the pain.
  • It’s 100% waterproof making it usable for wet operations. You can wash the unit under running water for easy cleanup or use other liquid gels for better epilation results.

This epilator charges for one hour and gives an operation time of approximately 30 minutes. It supports a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty so if you find the unit unsatisfactory, you can get it replaced. The only downside is that the attachments aren’t included in the said warranty.


  • Fulfills several functions including pedicure
  • Gentle for sensitive skin
  • Pivoting head is great for curved places
  • Easy to clean with water


  • No warranty coverage on the attachments

The Best Bikini Epilator For The Budget

Hangsun F230 is a good option for those with a limited budget. It’s affordable yet it offers almost the same features of the expensive ones. It’s rechargeable, offers two-speed settings, and capable of wet/dry operation.

Here’s a more detailed look on its features:

  • The F230 includes two interchangeable design heads: epilator and shaver. The epilator head is extra-wide to cover more areas in one stroke. Changing and washing the heads is easy!
  • Eighteen micro grip tweezers can remove even the smallest growth of hair (0.5mm). There’s a built-in smart light to illuminate the finest hairs on your bikini area.
  • The epilator fully charges for about 1.5 hours and works for about 30-40 minutes cordless.
  • Two-speed settings let you select what type of speed suits for your skin. If you have sensitive skin or simply a beginner, use Speed 1 or the slower mode. Speed 1 is also ideal for removing fine hairs in your bikini area.
  • Wet and dry use: The F230 can be used in the shower with your favorite bathing gel as well as dry.

You might experience some red bumps on your skin when you use this epilator for the first time. Exfoliating before epilation and applying a nice moisturizer will solve this problem. There are no precision heads that come with this unit but considering its price, that’s understandable.


  • Comes with an affordable price
  • Easy to hold
  • Holds the charge quite long
  • Effectively grip fine hairs


  • No precision heads

The Best Bikini Epilator For Travel

If you want to bring an epilator in your travel anytime, try the KEDA Women’s Epilator. This epilator is small, lightweight, and it comes with a handy pouch for proper storage. Like all the other rechargeable epilators in this list, KEDA can be used cordless for about 30 minutes.

Here are KEDA’s other great features:

  • This epilator is made with an anti-slip grip design for more control and comfort. Even if you use it with wet hands, KEDA won’t slip from your fingers.
  • The epilator head is waterproof. It can be used when you shower and wash afterward with water. 
  • It includes a tiny cleaning brush to take out all the loose hairs that might get trapped within the tweezers. Don’t forget to switch off the unit while cleaning.
  • This epilator is designed with a European plug (220 volts), although, it comes with a US voltage converter (110 volts). Use the US voltage converter when you’re using the epilator in America. When in Europe, just plug the unit directly.

While this epilator from KEDA is a great travel companion for a smooth bikini line always, it charges slower than its other rechargeable units in this list. The KEDA epilator charges for about eight hours. To avoid waiting this long, charge this epilator at night while you sleep so you can use it when you wake up.


  • Gives a nice, comfortable grip
  • Very portable for travel
  • Easy to clean with the brush
  • Comes with a good price


  • Long charging time

The Best Device For Fast Epilation

Emoji specializes in the production of epilators and you can tell on the quality of their products. The Emoji AP-18 is an innovative epilator with 72 tweezers that remove unwanted hair in your bikini line and other hairy parts quickly. This is the highest number of tweezers you’ll see in this list and even on the market today.

Let’s take a look at some of its best features:

  • 72 tweezers remove unwanted pubic hair from the roots. This gives you the chance to remove most of the hair at one stroke.
  • Patented Glide Technology pulls out the hair for fast and easy removal. Together with its unique disc design (one fixed tweezer disc and two that moves), the skin becomes taut to enhance comfort when removing hair.
  • Silver Ion Technology protects you from bacterial infections.
  • Dual Opposed Staggered Heads lets the appliance cover more area while holding and lifting up the hair in one stroke.
  • Middle lifting fingers makes epilation easy by lifting up the flat and short hairs in your bikini area.

One downside of Emoji AP-18 is its cord. The places where you need to epilate will be limited since you need to find an electrical outlet to plug the appliance. It’s also a bit bulky to be used in the bikini area but nonetheless, it works as it’s supposed to.


  • Has many tweezers for fast epilation
  • Consistent power
  • Seems to last for a very long time
  • Great for sensitive skin


  • Slightly bulky
  • Has a cord that can limit its versatility

The Most Silent Epilator For Bikini

Yes, most epilators run loudly but not the Epilady Epilator. The Epilady creates less noise than other epilators on the current market. The noise is the same as an iPhone vibrating on gravel.

Here are the features that make the Epilady a great buy:

  • Two operating speeds: high and low. Choose a slower speed if you want to work in your bikini area for less pain and more comfort. At higher speed, the 40 tweezers give an astonishing 31,000 tweezes per minute.
  • This epilator has a cord to provide consistent power. You need to plug this appliance to an electrical outlet for it to work.
  • The Angle Guard is an attachment guide that can keep the appliance at a perfect angle to guarantee best results.
  • This includes a cleaning brush for easy cleanup.
  • It offers a limited one year warranty to cover any defects.

Just like the Emoji AP-18, Epilady is also a corded epilator that doesn’t rely on any batteries but you need an electrical outlet to plug the unit. It’s also not waterproof so you can’t use in the shower. 


  • Works fairly quiet
  • The price is good
  • Feels solid and durable
  • Quite generous warranty


  • Not waterproof

A Buying Guide For The Best Bikini Epilator

With so many epilators available on the market, it’s actually hard to find the best epilator for bikini if you don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, we have done all the legwork. Here’s a guide below, but first let’s answer some common questions.

Can I Use An Epilator For The Bikini Area?

Of course! Thanks to technology, many epilators come with various features to make the hair removal process more efficient, less painful, and more comfortable. These epilators are even designed with parts to smoothly glide on the sensitive parts of your body.

There are many many people who think that waxing is the best solution. Little do they know that epilation is also a good hair removal method to make your bikini line smooth for several weeks. All you need is a good epilator and learn some safety precautions which takes us to the next section.

Tips For Epilating The Bikini Area

The common issue about epilation is the pain that might go with it. To be honest, epilation might hurt a little but it’s bearable. If you have a low pain threshold, put some numbing cream on the bikini area before epilating.

Here are other epilating tips you should know:

  • Exfoliate the skin before epilation to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs.
  • Keep the skin around your bikini line taut to feel less pain.
  • Work in small sections. This way, you feel more comfortable when removing the unwanted hair in your bikini line.
  • Remove hair when they’re still short. Longer hair means more pulling and yes, more pain. If the hair is already long, trim it before epilating.
  • After epilating, rinse with cold water to ease the redness. Follow through with a mild lotion after the skin is fully dried. Look for lotions with skin soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera or tea tree oil.
  • Always clean the epilator after each use. This will prevent the unit from harboring any bacteria.

What To Look For ?

  • Wet Operation : If you have sensitive skin, look for an epilator that allows a wet operation. The wet operation allows you to remove unwanted with water or any shower gel that might help lessen the pain. Warm water opens up the pores and make the hair removal easier.
  • Dry Operation :  The dry operation, on the other hand, will make the hair less slippery and hence easier to grab. Dry hair doesn’t clog the epilating head like wet hair does, so cleanup is easier. For the best of both worlds, choose an epilator that offers both wet and dry operations.
  • Number Of Tweezers: The performance of an epilator depends on the number of tweezers it has. The more tweezers, the faster it epilates but it could also mean more discomfort as more tweezers are plucking your hair at once. The best epilator for bikini often comes with a cap to limit the number of available tweezers working.
  • Extra Features: 
  • Extra features mean more value to the product. A waterproof epilator allows you to use the epilator in the shower for a more relaxing experience. Dual speed settings give you the option to use the slower mode to epilate more gently on more sensitive areas, like the bikini line.
  • The pulsing feature offers gentle vibrations to soothe your skin and bring more comfort. To make sure that you the finest hair in your bikini area, look for built-in light.

Our Verdict

All of the seven epilators that we reviewed above are good quality brands. But if we have to choose the best epilator for bikini in the list, we recommend the Braun Silk-epil 9 because it offers the most advanced features. It features a MicroGrip Tweezer technology that can remove unwanted hair even those as short as 0.5mm and it has a pivoting head that adapts to each outline in your bikini area.

Keep in mind that a comfortable grip is crucial for epilators in the bikini area. You need to comfortably hold the epilator so it glides smoothly along the curves for a perfect epilation. It’s also important to wash the unit after each use to prevent any bacteria from breeding into your unit.

Now it’s up to you to select the best epilator for your needs. Save money and get hair-free bikini line up to 4 weeks without irritation!

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