The Best Razors For Teenage Girl Of 2020

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Looking for the best razor is hard especially if you’re a beginner. You need to consider a lot of things, like the ease of use, safety, and effectiveness. Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for you.

In this article, we have selected 12 razors that are easy to use for shaving newbies. We also offer a helpful guide to help you find the best razor for teenage girl on your own. So, read on for the perfect razor for you.

Top 12 RAzors for teenage Girl

1. Weishi Safety Razor

This Weishi safety razor is great for beginners because it shields the blade very well. It gives you a close shave with fewer irritations and no nicks. It’s also pretty to boot with its rainbow color.

We love the butterfly opening of this safety razor because it makes the blade replacement easy. The handle is textured and long to give you a firm grip even when your hand gets sweaty. This 4.45-inch safety razor is less aggressive making it ideal for beginners.

The package comes with five extra stainless steel blades and instructions for proper use. The razor is made of stainless steel so it won’t rust even if you leave it in the shower. It might be a little expensive at first but you save costs in the long run as you only need to replace the blade when it gets dull.


  • Has a pretty rainbow color
  • Very easy to use
  • Solid metal construction
  • Ergonomic handle has a sure grip
  • Less aggressive for sensitive skin


  • Initial cost is high

2. Bambaw Safety Razor

Bambaw impresses with its safety razor stand that allows you to store the safety razor upright in your bathroom counter. It’s available in colors- black, rose gold, and silver. Our favorite is the rose gold color because it’s very beautiful.

The Bambaw safety razor seems to be less aggressive because it can hardly cut yourself. The handle is comfortable to hold with its riffled design and long length. This double-edge safety razor is very eco-friendly. It uses one recyclable blade that can last up to several months with proper maintenance. 

The package includes a user manual so you’ll be guided for your first shaving with this metal razor. It comes in a box made of cardboard that’s 100% recyclable.


  • Comes with a nice stand for storage
  • Available in three cool colors
  • Plastic-free and eco-friendly
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Gentle to sensitive skin


  • Doesn’t come with extra blades

3. ISTON Electric Razor For Women

If you’re techie, you can try the ISTON Electric Razor. This razor is built with a 3-in-1 high-speed shaving head to help give you a close shave. To be more specific, this electric razor is designed with advanced 3D floating foil, straight blade, and curved blade.

We love the smart LED display because it shows the battery status in percentage. The 600mAh lithium battery offers 70 minutes of shaving when fully charged for two hours. Long press the power button for five seconds to activate the travel lock and long press for three seconds to unlock it.

This electric razor is waterproof so you can use it even in the shower. The package includes a protective head cover, USB charging cable, cleaning brush, eyebrow tweezer scissors set, and user manual.


  • Fast charging and long cordless time
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Made of hypoallergenic blades
  • Can be used in and out of the shower (wet/dry use)
  • Intuitive LED power display


  • Difficult to clean

4. Schick Silk Effects Plus Razor

If you don’t want to spend too much on your first razor, Schick Silk Effects Plus might be your best choice. Silk Effects Plus is designed with two wire-wrapped blades to protect your skin from nicks and cuts. We love the contoured handle because it gives a steady grip.

This cartridge razor can be used on your face and anywhere on your body. The comfort strip that wraps the blades is formulated with aloe and vitamin E to leave your skin silky smooth. It helps the blade glide smoothly to your skin for easy shaving.

As for the color and style, the pink handle is decorated with flowers making it look pretty. The package comes with two cartridges as a spare in case the twin blades get dull.


  • Blades have wire guards for skin protection
  • Has pretty decorations
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Leaves skin smooth to the touch


  • Can be difficult to rinse due to the wires built around the blades

5. Remington WSF4810US Shaver

Remington WSF4910US is very travel-friendly with its compact size and cordless design. It’s built with three blades to grab at all angles. You have the freedom to use this battery-operated shaver in and out of the shower.

You need two AAA batteries to get this shaver working. This means no hassle of recharging all the time. If you don’t like to lose power in the middle of your shaving session, bring an extra spare of batteries in your travel.

The wet/dry razor is designed with dual trimmers to lift, guide, and cut hairs that lie flat on your skin for that smooth finish. The foil is hypoallergenic to protect your sensitive skin from possible irritation. The compact design fits nicely in your hand while the angled head allows you to achieve a close shave.


  • Comfortable and easy to hold
  • Compact and cordless
  • Suitable for wet/dry uses
  • Hypoallergenic foil prevents nicks
  • Built with three blades for quick shaving


  • Doesn’t give a close shave to the legs

6. ZOMCHI Safety Razor For Women

Another double-edge safety razor that we like is ZOMCHI. This rose gold-colored razor doesn’t give us a long time in replacing the blade. It’s very attractive and the weight is ample for great balance.

This is great for newbies because it won’t give you any cuts, nicks, and irritation. Be careful with the handle because it might loosen the blade while shaving.

Key Features

  • Non-slip textured handle
  • Butterfly open mechanism
  • Includes five blades and white brush for cleaning

7. Personna 5-Blade Women’s Razor

If you want the convenience of a cartridge razor, Personna might be a good choice. The razor blades are ceramic-coated to prevent irritation. This 12-pack of razor cartridges are ideal for wet shaving and sensitive skin.

We’re pleasantly surprised that this razor shaves close. However, the blades tend to stick if you leave the razor lying down on the sink.

Key Features

  • Moisture halo is infused with shea butter and jojoba oil to soothe skin
  • Rounded cartridge to contour each curve of your body
  • 5-blade razor system

8. Philips SatinShave Essential Electric Shaver

For legs and body, the Philips SatinShave is a good choice. This electric shaver needs two AA batteries to operate. With its anti-grip handle, you can use the shaver in and outside the shower.

We like SatinShave because of its gentle shaving head that leaves less irritation to your sensitive skin. It gets the job done but it can be too loud.

Key Features

  • Cordless, wet/dry use
  • Includes a protective cap and cleaning brush
  • Hypoallergenic single foil shaving head

9. Noxzema Twin Blade Pivot Razor

Noxzema is a 12-pack of twin-blade pivot razors that glide easily across all types of skin and hair. We love the purple color and the lubricating moisture strip that leaves your skin soft. It’s surprising that these disposable razors can give a close shave without the burn. 

These disposable razors do the job after three uses but they’re very light. You need to apply a lot of pressure to remove all hair.

Key Features

  • Economy pack of 12 purple razors
  • Pivoting head goes along each curve
  • Aloe- and vitamin E-enriched lubricating strip

10. ZOOMMATE Electric Lady Shaver 

The ZOOMMATE Electric Lady Shaver is another rechargeable razor that you can consider for your next shopping. This cordless razor is waterproof making it easy to rinse under running water. It also works quite well in the shower, although it won’t give a close enough shave.

Nonetheless, ZOOMMATE works well on the underarm and bikini areas. It’s very easy to use and won’t pull your skin while shaving.

Key Features

  • IPX7 100% waterproof
  • Runs cordless up to 45 minutes after full charge
  • Shaving head consists of three blades: straight, reticular, and arc

11. Dorco Shai SoftTouch Six-Blade Razor

If you want a close shave, Dorco Shai SoftTouch might be a good option. This six-blade cartridge razor is designed with a triple formula moisturizing strip to hydrate your skin after shaving. It’s perfect for wet shaving.

We like Dorco Shai SoftTouch because it smoothly glides into the skin and the flexible shaving head follows every contour of your body. However, the blades tend to dull too quickly.

Key Features

  • Multi-flex pivoting head
  • Includes 10 cartridges
  • Moisturizing strip- aloe, lavender, and vitamin E

12. Schick Intuition Limited Edition, Hello Kitty Sensitive Care Razor

To those who love Hello Kitty, this Schick Intuition Limited Edition might be perfect for you. Schick is decorating their classic cartridge razor with Hello Kitty in line with her 45th anniversary. It consists of four blades to give you a close shave.

We love the ergonomic handle because it’s not slippery and comfortable to hold. No need for shave gel because the Skin Conditioning Solid moisturizes skin during shaving.

Key Features

  • Four-blade razor system
  • Skin Conditioning Solid- vitamin E and aloe
  • Includes four Sensitive Care refills

Buying Guide For The Best Beginner Girls Razors

There are many razors on the market but some are intended for experienced hands. For beginners, there are a lot of things to consider when buying for your first razor. Let’s dive into details.

Understanding The Different Types Of Razors

Safety Razors

A safety razor is a good investment for beginners. It can give you a close and clean shave with less irritation, plus you can use it a few more times than a cartridge razor. When it gets dull, you only need to replace the blade making it more cost-effective in the long run.

However, it’s not allowed to carry a double edge razor in some travel restrictions . So, if you plan to travel, consider having a cartridge razor as a backup.

Electric Razors

If you want convenience and speed, electric razors are your best choice. They don’t need shaving creams to work, plus they can pass security when you travel. Just ensure that the razor is fully charged when you plan to bring it outside of your home.

Electric shavers have come a long way because there are models designed for wet shaves. Upfront, they can be a little expensive but you gain savings in the long run. They may also irritate sensitive skin.

You have two choices for electric razors: rotary and foil. Foil shaver gives you a closer shave without nicks while a rotary shaver is ideal for coarse hair.

Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors are what you see often on television. These heavily commercialized razors are often designed with 3-6 blades which is why they can give you a close shave in less time. They’re good for newbies as they’re quite hard to cut yourself with.

These razors are good for only a couple of shavings. Once dull, you need to replace the entire cartridge. Irritations might still occur with cartridge razors but they’re not as bad as electric razors.

Disposable Razors

If you want to carry less weight in your luggage, then a disposable razor might be a good solution. These razors are very simple with their handles and shaving heads attached permanently. You can only use a disposable razor 1-2 times.

These razors are very light weighted so you might need to apply more pressure on the skin when shaving. Doing so may damage the skin. 

What To Look For On A Good Razor

Ease Of Use

As a beginner, you want the razor to be easy to use. The shaving head should glide smoothly onto the skin. Some models are designed with pivoting heads to follow every contour of your body.

Blade replacement is another chore that beginners need to master. For disposable razors, you throw the whole thing when the blade gets dull but this can be costly in the long run. Safety razors with a butterfly opening are the best way to go because you only need to replace the blade each time it gets dull.

Gentle To Skin

You want the razor to not be overly aggressive when you shave. It should have a substantial weight so you don’t have to press on the skin hard. It shouldn’t cause any razor burns, ingrown hairs, and other skin irritation.

Some of the best razors are designed with lubricating strips to moisturize the skin after shaving. They have blade guards to prevent the blade from cutting your skin. 

Comfortable Grip

Of course, comfort is key when using a razor for the first time. You want the handle to be non-slippery so you can safely use it in the shower. Look for ergonomic handles that fit nicely into your hand.

The length of the handle also matters when you look for a comfortable grip. If you have a large hand, opt for a long handle (4 inches). The average length is about 3.2 inches to 3.5 inches.


More blades don’t essentially mean a better shave. Sometimes, having more blades means more irritation because your pores will be clogged with all the debris trapped in the blades. A single blade is ideal if you have hypersensitive skin.

A double-edged blade moves across the skin at a softer angle, cutting through the hair without pulling the skin. This leaves the skin with less irritation.

How To Use A Razor Properly

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare your skin for shaving. Wash the skin with warm water to help soften the hair and open the pores to create a closer shave. After that, apply a generous amount of your favorite shaving cream or gel and let it rest for 1-2 minutes.

Now, it’s time to shave!

Shave with the grain to prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and other irritation. Press lightly and let the razor glide smoothly over your skin. Once done, apply a soothing gel or lotion to leave skin smooth and irritation-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should a girl start shaving?

Proper shaving techniques should be taught to girls aged 12-14 years old. Girls within this age are more likely to be mature enough to avoid cutting their skin when shaving. As a parent, you should talk to your daughter about it and help her understand that it’s something that needs to be regularly performed once she starts.

Does a safety razor give a better shave?

A safety razor can help minimize razor burns, ingrown hairs, and other skin irritation that are typical with electric or cartridge razors. It gives a better shave because it uses only one blade, so lesser contact to your skin. However, it doesn’t give the speed that cartridges and electric razors offer.

What angle do you hold a razor?

The ideal angle is 30 degrees. But it’s your first time, begin with 90 degrees and slowly tip it down until the blade makes contact with the hair.

Is a three or five-blade razor better?

Five blades at the proper distance apart are better than three blades because they minimize that bulge that makes the skin more uneven. As a result, you achieve a close, comfortable shave because the skin is evener. There’s also less chance of cutting yourself.

Is having two or more blades better?

Not necessarily. To get a close shave, the blade needs to cut through the hair below the skin surface. A single blade can accomplish this using different angles to glide across the skin. With multiple blades, there’s a high risk of getting razor burns and other skin irritations. 

Many dermatologists suggest using 1-3 blades. Your skin is more vulnerable to nicks with multi-blade razors as they cause a little hill forward of the blade.


The best razor for teenage girls should give you a close shave with fewer razor bumps and ingrown hair. Our top choice is the Weishi Safety Razor because it’s easy to use with its long textured handle and butterfly opening. The rainbow color is also very pretty.

Other razors in this list are also good for your sensitive skin. If you want to shop for your own razor, just remember our guide.

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