Denergy Massage and Myofascial Release

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Denergy Massage and Myofascial Release 21401

Located In: Twenty ridgely


Tuesday10 AM–5 PM
Wednesday10 AM–7 PM
Thursday10 AM–5 PM
(Washington’s Birthday)
10 AM–5 PM
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Address: 20 Ridgely Ave #202, Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone: (410) 643-7660


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Natalia Dunlap
I think of Denny as my angel. I work in the same building, on the same floor where Denny has her Denergy office. For years I’ve been seeing lots of people coming to see Denny, but never really paid close attention to what she does, and, I certainly did not know what MFR was. That was until I saw a lady great with a child visiting Denny one day. See, my husband and I had been trying to have a baby for a long time by then. We went through all testing, which only diagnosed us with a frustrating “unexplained infertility”. As engineers by profession (both my husband and I are engineers), we prefer to know the problem, so we can devise a solution; hearing “unexplained” was extremely frustrating to us and our families. We finally decided to go with the fertility clinic, where we did all the tests and were a month away from the treatment. So, back to that expecting lady (who also works in the same building); I approached Denny and asked her if she works with infertility and told her my story. She said that she would be delighted to work with me. Guess what… 3-4 sessions and I became pregnant!!! I waited some time to write this review, because I was waiting for a “safe zone” of my pregnancy. I am almost 21 weeks along with a little baby boy in the oven now. We are so blessed! I cannot clinically prove that Denny helped us to conceive, but, you know, nothing else had helped. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Denny. You are such a caring and loving person, and a great professional. I am one lucky person to cross my life path with yours!
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